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Nirvana is the Mission’s journal published quarterly to promote and foster racial and religious harmony and to share the teachings of Vedanta.

The word ‘Nirvana’ denotes a state of spiritual enlightenment or illumination. Nirvana releases humans from the cycle of birth, suffering, death and all forms of worldly bondage.

Current Issue

Nirvana 2016 Issue 88 (Jan-Mar)

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Nirvana 2015 Issue 87 (Oct-Dec)

Nirvana 2015 Issue 86 (Jul-Sep)

Nirvana 2015 Issue 85 (Apr-Jun)

Nirvana 2015 Issue 84 (Jan-Mar)

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2012 Oct-Dec

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2o12 Jul-Sep
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2012 Apr-Jun
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2012 Jan-Mar
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2011 Oct-Dec
2011 Jul-Sep
2011 Apr-Jun
2011 Jan-Mar
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