Magazine – Nirvana

Nirvana is the Mission’s journal published quarterly to promote and foster racial and religious harmony and to share the teachings of Vedanta.

The word ‘Nirvana’ denotes a state of spiritual enlightenment or illumination. Nirvana releases humans from the cycle of birth, suffering, death and all forms of worldly bondage.

Current Issue

Nirvana 2014 Issue 82 (Jul to Sep)

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Nirvana 2014 Issue 81 (Apr-Jun)

Nirvana 2014 Issue 80 (Jan – Mar)

Nirvana 2013 Issue 79 (Oct-Dec)

Nirvana 2013 Issue 78 (Jul-Sep)

Nirvana 2013 Issue 77 (Apr-Jun)

Nirvana 2013 Issue 76 (Jan-Mar)

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