HOMEOPATHY CLINIC – Venue : Sarada Hall, Ramakrishna Mission.

Ramakrishna Mission Homeopathy clinic has resumed its operation.

Led by a dedicated team of doctors, Homeopathy Center has been in operation successfully since 1993. Consultation and medicines are free.


Clinic Hours – 3.00 PM – 5.30 PM

  • New Patients(First Time)            Registration closes by 3.30 PM
  • Follow up Patients (returning)   Registration closes by 4.30 PM


Clinic Hours – 8.30 AM- 10.30 AM

  • New Patients (First Time)          Registration closes by 9.00 AM
  • Follow up Patients (returning)  Registration closes by 9.30 AM

Due to increased number of patients, please adhere to the timings and help us to serve you better

As a part of COVID-19 Safety Regulations every person that enters the clinic is required to: 

  • QR Code Safe Entry scan/ Manual Registration 
  • Fever check
  • Wear a mask
  • Follow Safe Distancing